Space Planning & Site Survey Services

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Our Service Offering

DedON provides professional designers, project managers and builders with reliable, real-time information, that can be easily shared, about the existing condition of a physical space, executing architecture in reverse.

Professionals need accurate information to control project costs and deadlines. DedON takes the existing building or space and pulls out the information our customers need, in the form of physical asset data, architectural drawings, photographs, videos, checklists, written deal sheets and more, providing customers with the most up-to-date, relevant information in a format they can absorb and utilize effectively immediately.

Only DedON reports allow customers to leverage the existing environment, value engineering, pre-fabrication and volume purchasing resulting in lower costs. Our attention to detail promotes an efficient construction/renovation construction process without surprises and no extras.

Some of the specific services DedON offers include:

  • Store Planning
  • Site Plans
  • Site Surveys
  • 360º Photo Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • – used for renovations or new space take over

  • Equipment Inventory
  • Space Maximization
  • MEP Surveys (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
  • Structural Surveys
  • Fixture Layouts
  • Retail Support Services
  • Fixture Inventory (New, Planned, Existing)
  • Millwork Detailing
  • White Glove Set-Up
  • Competitive Environmental Scans
  • Future State Layouts
  • Departmental Resets
  • Brand Refresh
  • Guest Room Investigations
  • Procurement Supply Lists / Parts Lists
  • Customized Files – CAD / Revit
  • Visual / Operational Change Management
  • Scope Presentation Workshops
  • – explaining store planning changes to cross-functional retail teams

  • Drive-thru Investigations / Inventories
  • Performance and Sales Analysis & Recommendations
  • Space Planning

Example Projects & Drawings