What We Do

Delivering Quality, The DedON Way.

We help you and your team work smarter by providing accurate architectural consulting services, including site planning and site surveys, that help you visualize change in your spaces.

Value Your Needs ​

Our team of experts is here to deliver tailored solutions that boost your confidence in project execution.​

Serve With Expertise​

We serve you with a depth of knowledge and proficiency that ensures your project's success.​

Create Intentional Quality​

We're committed to top-notch quality projects with the support of project support tools.​

Unlock the potential of your spaces with precise 2D and 3D architectural drawings, virtual tours, and organized data sets.

We are your top space planning partner, partnering with leading brands to tackle planning challenges.

Our installation team is the key to project success, leaving your stores primed and ready for your customers.

The 3-Step Roadmap

Experience a streamlined journey with DedON in three simple steps.

Connect with DedON​

Our initial step is to understand your project requirements. We collaborate with your team to develop a customized project plan, provide a detailed quote, and ensure you're kept informed throughout.​

Crafting Tailored Solutions​

Your unique project gets our dedicated attention. We meticulously align our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring excellence in execution.​

Executing Your Vision​

We deliver on time and on budget with accuracy and expertise, giving you confidence to achieve successful outcomes.​

Browse Projects

Renovation, remodel, and recommended construction decisions.

Consolidate & organized user-friendly Revit models for decision-making. 

Detailed Surveys ensured precise information for manufacturing needs,

Optimized database for the brand, store planning, and facilities needs.

Transform Your Retail Strategy Today.​

Discover More about Our Solutions.​​


Optimize your store for a seamless shopping experiences.


Turn visions into reality through our long-term partnership.