BIM / Space Planning

Frustrated with Inefficient Store Layouts?

At DedON, we understand the pain points that come with crafting retail spaces. We partner with industry leaders to offer solutions that tackle these challenges head-on.

Space Planning Made Easy. ​

Easily translate designs across multiple locations, all with one trusted partner who supports you throughout your project.

3D Model Conversion​

We turn CAD or Matterport scans into high-quality Revit and SketchUp models to help inform your strategic choices.​

Future State Drawings​

We analyze locations and propose Future State layouts aligned with your vision.​

Ongoing Projects​

We seamlessly blend with your stakeholders to deliver optimal results for recurring projects.​

Special Projects Overflow​

We assist with new projects and adjust to your requirements for smooth execution.​

Construction Documents​

Our documents help smoothly transition plans to execution by capturing precise working drawings.​

Current State Drawings

We update drawings based on store walkthroughs, audits, and team feedback.​

Your One-Stop Solution.

With DedON, you have a single, capable partner for all your space planning needs across North America.

The 3-Step Roadmap​

Connect with DedON

We are looking to understand your project timelines and scope of work. We work with your team to develop a project plan, provide you with a quote and update you along the way.​

Customized Store Plans​

We tailor your store plans to perfectly align with your project goals and strategic vision for store planning.​

Make Informed Decisions​

Leveraging decades of store planning experience, DedON ensures accuracy and quality assurance that inspires confidence in your space-related decisions.​

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Roll out new branding and signage initiatives across all their locations.

Renovation, remodel, and recommended construction decisions.

Detailed Surveys ensured precise information for manufacturing needs,

Optimized database for the brand, store planning, and facilities needs.

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Optimize your store for a seamless shopping experiences.


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