Shell is a global energy company with operations in over 70 countries and territories worldwide. Shell is one of the world’s leading energy companies, providing energy for heating, transportation, and electricity generation. Shell’s Canadian locations count over 700 retail sites and more than 1,500 branded dealerships.


Shell came to DedON looking for accurate CAD drawings of their existing stores including inventory layouts they could use to make informed decisions on fixture ordering and replenishment. Shell faced challenges in the past with not having up-to-date, accurate, and whole information on their store layouts and fixture/equipment types. This made it difficult for Shell to determine the needs of each store. DedON was brought onboard to update and provide comprehensive surveys enabling Shell to make informed decisions on renovations and re-merchandising on a tight schedule.


DedON provided Shell with CAD drawings, 360 photos, Matterport, and Fixture Schedules. DedON identified the scope of work best suited for Shell’s budget and needs. DedON created and categorized a Fixture and Equipment Library that was applied to the roll-out. DedON’s Field and Retail Support Teams created the steps to ensure efficiency and the accuracy of the final deliverable.


Shell continues to be impressed with DedON’s ability to accommodate very tight survey deadlines for projects and the ability to survey coast to coast. The renovation projects stemming from DedON’s surveys have been successful in reducing challenges and deficiencies in Shell’s construction and renovation projects, and increasing the accuracy of fixture and product orders. Shell’s team has been able to leverage our drawings to reduce overall labor costs and time spent rectifying issues which often cause delays in timelines and decision making.

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