Bridgestone is a multinational auto and truck parts manufacturer and is the largest manufacturer of tires in the world. The company is also the world’s largest company-owned automotive service provider. Bridgestone operates under their various banners including Firestone, Tires Plus, and Wheelworks in the United States in over 2,000 locations.


Rogers was looking for accurate and updated CAD drawings to plan renovation, remodel, and construction projects. They were looking to carry out a large volume of site surveys across Canada in a short period of time. Their Store Planning team was looking for visual and 2D references of both customer-facing areas and the spaces behind the sales floor that would help them decide what stores to prioritize in their remodeling investment.


Rogers trusted DedON to create a database of end-to-end photographic and CAD As-Built Surveys of all of their stores. DedON provides accurate and high quality CAD Surveys, increasing Rogers Store Development Team’s confidence in making decisions to move forward with renovations and decreasing the obstacles encountered during the change process. DedON’s Site Survey Team has delivered anywhere between 100 – 250 As-Built Surveys a year aligned with Rogers remodeling goals.


Working with Rogers for over 10 years, DedON has helped Rogers maintain an updated CAD Library of their stores. Rogers has been able to manage their renovation, remodel, and construction projects with confidence knowing the quality and accuracy of the DedON Surveys. Since partnering, DedON has supported the Rogers Store Development Team on various space planning projects, increasing their internal team’s capacity to complete special projects. The partnership continues to evolve as DedON has become an extension of the Rogers team.

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner to be the support your team needs in managing your CAD drawings contact DedON!


8,000 to 15,000 sq.ft.






3 years


As-built Survey, Store Planning & 360º Photos

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