In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is a privately-owned fast-food chain with over 350 restaurants. Owned by the founding family, the company remains private, prioritizing quality and consistency. In-N-Out Burger locations are known for their diner-style restaurants in their signature white, red, and yellow exteriors, interiors, and uniforms.


In-N-Out Burger’s Facility Management Team asked DedON to document and capture their Stores’ interior and exterior layouts. In-N-Out Burger’s Construction and Facilities Teams were looking for a way to assess their spaces without traveling to each location.


DedON helps support, grow and maintain a database of CAD Drawings and 360 photos on behalf of In-N-Out. DedON’s Retail Support Team populates a database repository with all updates and changes enabling In-N-Out Burger’s Construction and Facilities Teams to review and address any issues with their locations. Additionally, DedON has supported In-N-Out Burger with opening new Stores and major renovation projects by creating comprehensive CAD Drawings for their team.


In-N-Out Burger’s team is now equipped with a database to virtually visit their Stores, eliminating the time and money their team would have spent visiting each of their locations. DedON’s CAD Drawings provides information to the In-N-Out Burger team enabling them to leverage existing infrastructure and create realistic budgets for their restaurant remodels or equipment additions and upgrades.

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