Dollar General

Dollar General is a Variety Store operating across the United States, providing their customers with convenience, quality brands and low prices. They have opened more than 18,000 Stores and continue to grow adding an additional 1,000 new locations every year.


Dollar General invests in sustainable growth of their brand.  This commitment to ensuring their Stores are consistent with their brand drives an annual as-built Site Survey program to identify opportunities for Store renovations


DedON provides Dollar General with comprehensive reports including CAD Drawings and images from their Stores. DedON’s Field Team is on-site annually to create as-built drawings for the Dollar General Team to make remodel decisions on: sales floor space usage, placement of fixtures, damage to current architecture/ fixtures, and anything else that may impact a Store’s remodel.


Using DedON’s deliverables, Dollar General’s Store Planning and Construction Teams’ leverage existing infrastructure, address issues/ damages in the space, re-evaluate layouts, and put together construction plans for their Store remodels.

If you are looking to identify any site issues before you start the construction phase of your project, DedON can help your team organize, evaluate, and execute your goals for Store remodels.

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner to be the support your team needs in managing your CAD drawings contact DedON!


10,000 to 12,000 sq.ft.


Variety Stores




Since 2017


As-built Survey

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