How to Start Your Remodel Program

While working with Store Planners for over 23 years we often see their frustration when it comes to remodeling or renovating retail spaces. Questions like “Where do I begin?”, “What will I need to accomplish this task?” and “Can I do this on my own?” are on the minds of most Project Managers, Store Planners, and Designers whether they have 20 or 2,000 stores to roll out.

The good news is that if you have already decided to begin with an As-Built Survey of your space(s) you are halfway there. We put together this guide based on experiences with our clients to make it easier for anyone looking to find an As-Built Survey company.



Let’s assume you have the perfect site survey deliverables (drawings, photos, etc) in front of you. What are you and your team going to try and accomplish referencing the survey?

This process helps identify the decisions your team will make and how they intend on interacting with the survey drawings, photographs and checklists. This step is important as it usually uncovers items that were not listed in our customer’s survey requirements.



After you know where you need to end up, write down your requirements. List the deliverables you need and then some specific notes under each, to provide enough detail for the survey company.

Example: Floor Plan (walls, columns, windows, door rough openings and door swings, built-in cabinets & counters, fridge and freezer cases, no need for loose floor fixtures).



Many times we have been asked to deliver a large volume of surveys all at once, or a consistent number of surveys, in a large roll-out, on a prescribed schedule.

Here are a couple of thoughts on how to best-set expectations.


If it’s a roll-out, build up an inbox early in the schedule. In other words, make sure the survey company can commit to a heavier schedule early so that your team never runs out of surveys in their inbox. This allows your team to work on a steady schedule even if the survey company runs into a delay.

Understand your team’s capacity to review and begin working on surveys. Knowing how quickly your team can work through the incoming surveys potentially helps you construct a more economical survey plan.

The faster you want your surveys, the more it will probably cost you. If you can’t process 100 surveys a week, then don’t put that pressure on your survey company and cost on your bottom line.



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