How to Pick a Survey Company?

I wouldn’t say that picking a survey company is a big deal…

But picking the right one might change your whole view on approaching changes in retail spaces. And this is a big deal. So it’s better to start on the right foot.

With so many offerings on the market, starting from the all-in-one type of firms, ending with narrowly specialized companies, how would you know which one to choose as your partner? Lower price, readiness to execute bare minimum or to compromise on standard procedures, short timings…?

Here I would like to share with you a couple of things that are checked off, helping you to make the right decision.


In other words, how do you get it right?

Imagine a survey company tells you that they take some quick dimensions on-site then go back to the office to draw it up?

Are you confident they won’t fudge things back at the office to make things fit? If you don’t trust their process, it’s a major red flag. Does the company double-check the work before sending it to you? If they say they do, ask them to describe that process to ensure it’s not just a BS marketing line.


Most companies outsource the work to a local “trusted” surveyor. That’s fine, as long as their answer to number 1 is good and that the person doing the survey knows what they are doing. So how do you know?

Ask, how does this person know how to get it right? Personally, I don’t like the answer, they have been doing this stuff forever. I like to hear that the surveyor has been trained by the company or is accountable in some way for the quality.


It happens, an error or omission is found once your team digs deep into the survey drawings and photographs.

I want to know what the company will do if an error or omission is discovered. The best answer is, at their cost, they will return to the site immediately and correct the error or fill in the omission. If they say that they don’t make mistakes, be nervous.


Ideally, you can find a survey company that delivers drawings, checklists, and photos in a format that your team can seamlessly absorb into your workflow. You shouldn’t have your team spending time changing drawing formatting or photo file types.

Ask your survey company to match your CAD, checklist, and photo standards. This provides your team a boost of efficiency, which is the point of hiring a company to provide this important base project information…..

So, maybe, choosing the Survey Company is a big deal, in the end…


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