Site Survey & Store Planning Case Studies - Rogers


Market Segment: Telecom
Services: Photo Surveys


Rogers Communications is a leading diversified Canadian communications and media company. It is also the country’s largest provider of wireless communications services under the Rogers, Fido, and Chatr brands and one of Canada’s leading providers of cable television, high-speed Internet, information technology, and telephony services to consumers and businesses. Rogers provides consumers and businesses with the latest wireless devices, services, and applications through a network of over 600 company-owned and authorized dealer locations.

Prior to the implementation of a new retail store concept, which includes a new design and service strategy to create a customer experience more relevant to their target customer, Rogers required visual references of both the customer-facing areas (FOH) and the spaces behind the sales floor (BOH) for all its locations to prioritize the remodelling investment and develop as-built survey schedules.


Rogers partnered with DedON to create a database repository of end-to-end photographic captures of all retail outlets in the network. DedON rolled out a 6-month schedule of surveys that was dovetailed with the Rogers remodeling goals. DedON’s Field Agents visited over 600 locations and took specific and detailed photographs that were delivered as comprehensive, accurate records. The overview of visual appraisals could be used for scheduling as-built surveys and provided valuable directions for planning the store renovations over time.


The Rogers construction team now had a searchable database thanks to DedON’s proven site survey capabilities. Having a clear picture of all locations helped Rogers to efficiently map out strong and weak spots visually in existing stores and determine which remodels were likely to pay off. Being able to prioritize the store remodeling schedule became a key growth strategy to increase store sales productivity.

Store transformations provided consumers with an enriched in-store experience that helps Rogers rise above its competition to not only maintain but also potentially increase market share in today’s competitive wireless retail environment.