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Marriott International is headquartered in Bethesda, MD and has more than 5,700 properties in over 110 countries and territories around the world with over 1.2 million rooms. Wholly owned by Marriott, Delta Hotels is a four-star brand of hotels and resorts with 36 properties in Canada and 13 in the in the United States.

To provide a refresh of the guest suites and public spaces (corridors, lobby, etc.) and to maintain the four-star standards, Marriott determined that a number of its Delta properties required a refresh. The Marriot construction and design team needed to maintain capital and expense control. To achieve this, it could not rely on assumptions but rather needed to have an accurate understanding of all physical aspects of the properties in question, including: floor plans, interior elevations, dimensions, furnishings and finish conditions.


Marriott International engaged DedON to obtain as-built surveys before commencing the planning and implementation of the remodelling project. DedON’s site survey staff visited all the hotel sites and created complete and comprehensive reports that included accurate as-built drawings, existing assets, status verification and photographic references of all common areas, plus each and every guest room.

The documents that originated from the process were delivered in a user-friendly standard format that can be shared among internal and external project team members in a variety of formats and channels.


The Marriot construction and design team now have standardized files at their fingertips that can be referred to at any time. Marriott’s interior designers were able to pre-order all the furnishings to fit exactly into each room, realizing cost savings by the use of pre-fabricated components and volume purchasing of furnishings. On the construction side, the teams did not waste time with items not fitting or challenges that could have been avoided. Both design & construction were empowered to be their professional best.

DedON’s data capture resulted in a consultative, transparent, evidence-based project management process that provided the capability to leverage existing infrastructure, promote value engineering and allow for realistic budget development, adherence and construction schedule achievability.