Stephen Hart
Founder & President
Business Development

Louise De Forest
Director of Finance

Jamie Palmer
Director of Operations

Stephen Hart Bio

I started DedON because I saw a need to provide better information to professional designers, project managers and builders who were basing their professional reputation on estimations of actual conditions. I thought that reliable information about the existing condition of a physical space would allow their professional judgement to have a greater impact on their work. So DedON was founded with this goal in mind. We began with site surveys, an architectural, written and photographic documentation of existing space. We then progressed into Store Planning, helping planners maintain and communicate accurate brand information within their stores, restaurants and hotels. Both divisions have grown and evolved alongside our Customers, while remaining focused on delivering the most reliable, high quality, well understood clarity of space available across North America.


Field Survey Team

  • In-Store data capture
  • Store drawing refresh & maintenance
  • Asset management

Retail Support Team

  • Store planning
  • Business process solutions
  • Special projects and ongoing support


DedON North American Headquarters
2400 Meadowpine Blvd., Suite 101,
Mississauga, ON L5N 6S2 Canada


T. 1.877.863.3366